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    Welcome to betta breeders.  We list bettas for sale for the professional betta breeders, who are our Aquarium-Club members.  You can also find  their bettas for sale with us at, and

Featured Aquarium Supplies and Tropical Fish for Sale

Kent Marine Betta Care Kit (.5 oz.; 10 ml)


Twin Tail Male

Aquatic Gardens Bernies Betta Cove Deluxe Kit (6L X 8.38W X 11.25H; Black; Acrylic)



    We hope you find the information, photos and sources we are providing for quality and champion line bettas to be helpful.

    If you are new to the aquarium and tropical fish hobby, we hope you find the information to get started setting up your fish tank to be helpful and easy to follow.  If you are interested in beginning raising show quality bettas in your fish tank, you need fish supplies, and/or you are interested becoming a professional betta breeder, we hope you will contact us and the tropical fish breeders listed with us, to get high quality starter stock, which is essential, if you are serious about raising quality bettas.

    If you are a breeder of quality bettas and you can or wish to export, please contact us and let us know what you have, your prices, and we will consider listing your fish and contact information with us.  You must become a member of Aquarium-Club to qualify to list/sell fish and we will consider barters of fish for select tropical fish breeders.

    Posting requests for fish wanted or fish available are services available only to our Aquarium-Club members.  Please Join today.


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